Any structure is only as strong as the foundation it sits on...

At core fitness & bodywork, we can help develop and optimize your core foundation, producing a stronger, healthier, and more efficient YOU!

We believe that when the body is put in a state of balance, it can function effortlessly in gravity.  Through optimizing your whole nervous system, greater strength, more mobility, and better resiliency can improve your overall health and create functional ease in your everyday life.

Amy Chiu is the owner and operator of core fitness & bodywork.  She earned a Bachelor's in Exercise Science in 1996 and has been a nationally certified personal trainer with American Council on Exercise since 2005.  Amy works extensively in the areas of injury prevention, post-rehabilitation, and athletic performance. She takes a brain-based approach to fitness and bodywork by training the WHOLE nervous system, not just the body.

Her additional certifications and licenses include: Certified Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1, 2023, Certified Z-Health Master Practitioner, 2021, Certified FMS Professional Level 1, 2011; Certified Structural Integration Therapist, 2008 and Maine Licensed Massage Therapist, 2001.

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