Helping your body to move effortlessly through gravity.

The staff at core fitness & bodywork are trained in multiple techniques of massage and bodywork, such as myofascial release, orthopedic, neuromuscular, and structural integration therapies.  We take a client-centered approach to bodywork and will utilize a combination of modalities to improve the function of tissue, realign the structure of the body, and create a more efficiently moving body.

Deep Tissue Manual Therapy

These sessions are a combination of techniques generally including deep pressure and stretching for chronic pain and/or overuse symptoms.

30 minute session... $60
60 minute session... $110
90 minute session... $170

CORE Myofascial Therapy

This is one of the most advanced treatments available, offering deep massage therapy and techniques for improving optimal levels of performance. It combines these techniques with exercises that mobilize the layers of fascia, muscles, joints, and spine. Structural and functional change to all regions of the body provide greater flexibility, balance, and ease of movement. This is a great introductory or maintenance treatment for CORE Structural Integration.

120 minute session... $220

CORE Structural Integration

ThThis is a multi-phase system of fascial manipulation that promotes better posture and balance through reducing strain patterns in the body. Each of the 10 phases reorganizes progressively deeper layers of connective tissue and muscle, thus realigning and re-educating the body to work effortlessly with gravity, not against it.

Clients can expect to feel: improved flexibility and breathing, ease and efficiency of movement, heightened physical awareness, optimal performance benefits and increased self-reliance.
10 phase commitment... $225 each session or $1900 full prepayment


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